Welcome to Private Label Selling your source for information, tips and practical advice for selling your own product or the product of someone else (affiliate sales)on line. We usually put an emphasis on selling your product on Amazon simply because by having your product stocked in Amazons FBA warehouses you are able to have Amazon fulfill those item that you sell on other site such as EBay.

This is what we call the Private Label lifestyle. Having Amazon receive, store and fulfill your orders which leaves you free to move about wherever you choose. You are able to manage your business anywhere you have an internet connection.  That my friend is called freedom or the Private Label Lifestyle.

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Isn’t All Amazon Selling The Same?

No! Most courses on Amazon selling whether it’s Retail Arbitrage, Buying Wholesale To Sell or buying a product to sell under your own label (Private Label) put an emphasis  on sourcing those product, having the products delivered to your house where you break the purchase down, bag that product according to Amazon regulations, attach a Amazon identification sticker to the product and then you box and ship those products to at least three different warehouses that Amazon chooses.

If your product your sending in has a perishable code date you will have to attach another sticker displaying that code or expiration date that can be read by an Amazon warehouse employee. And they do this every day, day in and day out, because if you don’t send the merchandise in you have nothing to sell.

That my friend is a Job! Anyway you look at it it’s a job. Now to some of you that might sound exciting. If your young and just like the idea of making money, and they do make good money doing it that way,  then this site might not be the place for you.


If your like me and are not interested in another JOB, but do want to make a substantial income without all the work then this site could be what your looking for.

Who Is This Site For?

 Whoever wants to supplement there income and still be able to enjoy their families.

Whoever wants to create a full time income and not be tied to a job 24/7.

Whoever wants to create an income that will allow them to travel and enjoy life their way!

Whoever Wants to experience a challenge that will offer them their hearts Desire

How Can I Get More Information On This Private Label Lifestyle?

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  1. I saw your interview with Todd Lammi and looked you up on google and found your number. I am interested in learning Private Labeling.
    Thanks for talking with me and giving me the link to your site.

    Stephen Tillett
    Port St Lucie, Fl

  2. Hello Terry

    I am trying to get into the private Label side of amazon and your course looks great. Do you have room for another seventy something guy?


    Dave Parsons

  3. hello terry im william a retired law enforecment officer im looking to create a income to retire my wife i have watched your vlogs and find you to be genuine a lot of those younger guys try to hard sell you thier information and it can be a total turn off where can i purchase your material and what is the price and where is your complete catalog of products best wishes

  4. Hello, Mr. Terry. I have gone through some of your videos and have liked it. I wanted to get into your course. As i am from Bangladesh, I would like to know can i do Amazon FBA from here. I also would like to use a Bank Account from New Zealand of my younger brother to do all the transaction as our Government has embargo on sending money outside other than L/c or FTT which is also quite complicated. I hope you understand my position and will give me a good guidance.


  5. Thanks for your long reply.

    So if i start operating that business on my brother’s behalf, then can i change that entirely to my name in future?

    Thank you again.

  6. Hello Terry,

    I watched your videos and found you very much honest and genuine. I would like to join your team.

    I have some quires:
    1. how long does it take to finish your training and be a professional FBA seller?
    2. how long does it usually take to establish a product in amazon FBA?


  7. Thanks for your reply.

    Do you have any other flexible payment method other than one time payment? If have, please reply me with the link.
    Do i need to to do any other course after successful completion of your course?


  8. Thanks for the support. I would love to get that facility. One more thing, Can i pay off the rest of the payment earlier than the scheduled time if i can go faster with lessons?


  9. Hi Terry,

    I very appreciate all the content that you create for us. I’m currently looking for my very first product to private label and was thinking towards baby toys market. I can’t seem to find definite answer to the following question in Google – How to verify that product (on Alibaba) that has passed all US required hazard and chemical safety regulations? Moreover, same question relates to pretty much all products (even non-baby products) that I may potentially be considering. Please share your experience on this topic.

    Kind Regards

  10. hey terry, im interested of joining yur team, so ive been working on my amazon courses which i have coaches but i need to invest a lot of money for me to learn the same thing your teaching here, i was browsing all day and i found you in youtube about getting products and sending it straight to amazon.

    can you help me out for more details?
    and do you have a software designed for amazon?
    im willing to join your team

    give me a shot

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