Ezine Article Expert Author Reviews Instant Article Wizard 4.0

I I have have been an Ezinearticles Expert Author since January 8, 2007 with over 3100 article views a have been an Ezinearticles Expert Author since January 8, 2007 with over 3100 article views and I have have been an Ezinearticles Expert Author since January 8, 2007 with over 3100 article views and still counting. I enjoy writing on different subject and have always written by first looking up and gathering information on my subject and then, sitting down and writing the article.

This as I’m sure you are aware is extremely time consuming and frustrating. Especially in the beginning, before they had spell check. I am the worlds worst when it come to spelling and grammar. Couldn’t spell my way out of a paper bag as the say. Along comes spell check and saved me.

Iused to sit down and write the article and then my wife would come along behind me and correct the spelling and grammar so my articles would pass the test so the publisher would give the OK for my article to be published. Sometimes it would take three or four times for the article to be given the all clear to be published. Life as an article writer was complicated to say the least back then. THank God! for spell check and auto-correct today.

As I was going through all of the trials and tribulation of being a nationally known article writer, The internet was coming of age by itself. One of the first so called Guru’s was a young software developer by the name of jonathan Leger.

Jonathon was different right from the start. His products were not the usual dog and pony shows that so many of the early programs were. Back then developers would design software that would do one thing that looked and smelled awesome. It was designed for the user or purchasers customers could brag that they had the newest widget on the internet so no matter what they were selling it had to be the greatest thing since chopped chicken liver.

Jonathan on the other hand was always one step ahead.He created products that were needed and that you could use everyday in developing your business, making your business stronger and more valuable. Products that could be used over and over again to bring more and more income into your business.

Products like ‘The best spinner”. Where you could take an original article, place it into the software, best spinner and out would come 10 or more spun original articles that could be spread all over the internet giving the author additional link juice that is so important in garnering top rankings for your post or articles. That action is still needed and available today in both “the Best spinner’ and the product were going to talk about in a minute or so ” instant Article Wizard”. Before we get into that I want to say a few more words about Jonathan.

What I wanted to say about Jonathan was that he was down to the core Honest. If one of his products would nor do something, he would tell you and not beat around the bush trying to make excuses. whatever you wanted he would take note and incorporate it into the next revision of the product if it was possible to do. He doesn’t make excuses, just the best product that he’s capable of making and stands behind that product 100%. Over the years I have bought a number of Jonathan’s products and today I still use them and wouldn’t want to give them up.

One product that has changed over the years is the one I wanted to talk about today and that is The Instant Article Wizard and Boy o BOy has it changed and just keeps getting better and more valuable.

As you know i teach an internet course on “Private Label Selling'”and “Drop Shipping’ as well as “affiliate Marketing”. which involves a lot of article writing. As I explained earlier in this review, Article writing takes a lot of time and work. At least it did until Jonathan came out with Instant Article Writer 1.0. From that point Article writing has just gotten better and a lot easier to do.

It’s not so much the article that takes the time as it is spreading the content (article) around the internet that takes the time. I already told you that Instant Article Wizard 4.0contains an article spinner which allows you to end up with at least 10 Awesome articles to spread out for link juice on the web giving you quality links from each one. Then each one of those articles you can translate into thirteen different languages each one creating more quality links. The translation software is state of the art, giving incredible easy to read foreign translations of each of those spun articles.

If that wasn’t enough to make you smile from ear to ear each of those artiles can also be turned into a podcast with your choice of a variety of quality male and female voices to please the most discriminate person.

You will also have the ability to insert a you-tube video into each of your articles giving your article a higher ranking and that’s what it’s all about! That what internet markets dream about at night. This can all be done starting with just one article! That’s enough to bring tears of joy to an to an Internet marketers, If you look you can see the tears of joy coming from my eyes just writing about those quality links coming in. I might even get to take another day off soon. I could go on and on about all the different combinations and links I can get with just one article. Don’t forget that with each article or combination thereof you are allowed to insert two relevant links in that work you created from the one article. Who say’s that you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

As you can tell I get excited just talking about all you can do with just one article you produce using “Instant Article wizard”and it’s certainly not my style to write and send out web testimonial for product, but seriously this product is something exceptionally different and truly unique. Once you have a couple of days to become comfortable with using “Instant Article Wizard”properly I would be amazes if it didn’t completely revolutionise your writing style and habits.

Each time I look at one of my older articles written without ” Instant Article Wizard’ I want to change it and correct it for the better. If you want a piece of software that will make your Internet marketing life a lot easier, look no further than this truly awesome time saver. After grouping the snippets of content together. I then add my own thoughts and comments to make an entirely original article that will be useful to my readers and visitors to my web sites cutting out anything that doesn’t fit with the main topic of the article. However, for me personally it’s without a doubt the research part of this great program that I honestly could not appreciate more.

If you need fresh content for your web site and you’ve been spending your marketing budget on buying articles from a Third Party, please STOP THIS until you’ve given Instant Article Wizard a trial. So the great news is that you can redirect your Marketing budget for other uses. I once was spending upwards of $100 a week having articles written for me on specific topics. That $100 went straight to my bottom line rather than the article writing company a fact that my wife appreciated greatly.

One of the most crucial aspects of having a successful online presence is to provide lots of quality unique content on a regular basis. For most of us that is a daunting and challenging task. I lost count of the number times I sat down in front a blank screen and just could not think of anything to write. I would check my mail, surf the net in fact anything to avoid having to try and write an article or post that I really needed ASAP but just couldn’t come up with the ideas I needed right then and there. When I was introduced to Instant Article Wizard about 7 years ago and since then have never looked back constantly producing quality content rich articles on my own and most importantly when I needed them.

If you want a piece of software that will make your internet marketing life a lot easier, look no further than Instant Article Wizard.This program has saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to come up with and write my content. All I can say is, “man, I’m so glad that I bought this piece of software” while sitting at my desk easily creating an article.Many thanks to John Leger and Instant Article Wizard And it goes without saying that Instant Article Wizard can be used to create unlimited top quality articles, when you need them and It definitely can be extremely useful for bloggers and anyone who provides SEO services for websites or local businesses including writing and producing there newsletters. Because the Instant Article Wizard gathers content from so many sources, it’s sources are virtually limitless. Since new content is constantly being published on the web on every topic imaginable, Instant Article Wizard can retrieve it present it to you for your use almost as fast as it becomes available. That means you could do a topic search for the same topic a week apart, and find lots of new article snippets the second time you searched saving you countless hours of unnecessary time searching for more material to finish that great article your writing.I


I have used this feature when writing for for one of my health sites where the topic I’m writing about are so closely related and the topics are very much currant events, that I would find 5 or 6 new currant snippets in a few days time. I wish I could think of it all, but unfortunately I can’t but Instant Article Wizard can gather those currant snippets daily if you would like it to.. When you are writing on currant events this is crucial to your work.

I can write great articles in less time than I could before. When it comes to Article Marketing Jonathan Leger has no doubt the best tools to use. With Instant Article Wizard I press a button, make a cup of coffee, and before my first sip I’ve got all the material I need for my next article. It was like IAW came from no where like a wizard to help the content of my articles and garner higher article rankings all this helping my bottom line on a daily basis.

However, for me personally it’s without doubt the research aspect within the mighty Instant Article Wizard that I honestly could not appreciate more. The results that the software returns are nearly always as good if not better than I could get on my own spending countless hours of searching and digging through written material on my own. Even greater is the fact that the vast amount of time that can easily disappear when preparing the raw factual details necessary to develop a solid article, is usually reduced to only a few minutes – on practically any subject matter at all.

That my friend is a big part of the experience you get by using this awesome wizard. Taking those snippets of high quality information, adding your own personal style and knowledge, combining it all and out comes a quality article, second to none that you can call your own and best of all add to your bottom line and reputation. It doesn’t get much better than that, I don’t Care how you do it.

In this review I have probably only told you half of what this fantastic “Instant Article Wizard” can do. Fortunately you will be able to go to there web site and see everything I am telling you about for yourself. That way You can decide for yourself if “Instant Article Wizard” is something that will increase your bottom line and make life easier for you, after all that is what business and article writing is all about!

Her’s the link. Go Now, Decide yourself. InstantArticle Wizard

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