3 thoughts on “Seven Make Or Break It Concerns For Picking A Private Label Product To Sell On Amazon

  1. Hello Terry,

    I’m extremely interested in getting started in online selling but just started watching videos this week. I’m a little overwhelmed by all the information and I’m not sure how to best go about this process. After watching your video on YouTube, I’m very interested in Private label and possibly signing up for your courses and coaching but before I commit, I was wondering, what would be a reasonable start-up cost for a Private Label start-up? I’d like to know so I can decide if it would be feasible to go with Private Label out of the gate (providing I could do it well, with some coaching) or, if it’s not feasible right now, I’m considering buying and selling ‘treasures’ online until I’ve built up enough money to afford a Private Label product.

    1. Hi Jr,

      A rule of thumb for pl products is $1500 per product to start up. You can do for less or more but if you figure $1500 per product. A start up of $5000 would get you 3 to 4 products into amazon and selling.

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