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It’s a whole new ball game with the introduction of Jungle Scout 2.0. As you probably can tell I wasn’t too impressed with version 1.0. The two main improvements with 2.0 are the export file and the different pages Jungle Scout can extract results from.

The Good

Export File

The export file takes on a whole new attitude and is extremely user friendly now as it now includes the ASIN number of the product and best of all it includes a link back to the product. This alone save the user hours of time going back and forth.

The part I like best is that when you go to save a file it automatically saves in the name of the product being searched. This made me do a happy dance since I hate to change file names. I hope other products will take notice since this is one of my biggest complaints – changing file names to something understandable rather than a random bunch of numbers that don’t mean anything except to your computer.

When you export you also get a time and date stamp at the top of the exported page allowing you to tell at a glance how old the results are.

Extract results from more types of pages.

Another welcome addition is the number and types of pages you are now able to extract results from:

  • General Search Results
  • Product pages
  • seller Storefronts
  • Brand Pages
  • Amazon Best Seller Pages

If your a successful seller on Amazon one of the most important tasks you have is to be able to spy on your competition. Jungle Scout makes that a breeze. It gives you for each of your competitors listed product the sales rank, selling price, number of reviews, estimated number of units sold, estimated dollar sales for the item. ASIN as well as the link to item.

That my friend is a lot of information that is crucial to making a decision on wether to start selling an item or not. You could fill out your product pickers worksheet in one stop for those of you taking the course.

Another use full bit of information is you also get from using the program is on product pages you can tell at an instant what category the product is being sold under. Just by making a simple category adjustment you can increase your sales greatly.

The Bad
I probably should have put this at the top because if you don’t use a Chrome Browser you are out of luck because Jungle Scout only works with the Chrome Browser. Sorry “Siri” only Chrome. Of course you can go here and download the Chrome Browser, then you are all set.

5 Stars

Well as you can probably tell I do like the product and would give it a 5 Stars because it is user friendly, not techy and will save you massive amounts of time. Another reason I like the product is that It is a one time purchase of only $87.00. So many other programs charge you a monthly fee to use there programs and those monthly fees go on and on and on.

My recommendation is that any one serious abut there Amazon seller business need Jungle Scout. To add Jungle Scout to your arsenal of sourcing tools just click the link below.

Click Here For all Jungle Scout Great Tools

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