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A few years ago if you wanted to make extra money or create an income selling Private Label products on Amazon you simply found a product, had it manufactured for you, had that product delivered to Amazon and then sold by Amazon FBA. “Ca Ching” you were making money.

Now days it’s not that simple. You can still make “Great Money” using Amazon FBA to sell your own products but you just can’t throw any old product up there expecting it to sell and worst of all if you don’t know or understand Search Engine Optimization as well as what to do and how to list your product to sell on Amazon your domed.

Thanks to a rather small group of enterprising individuals that saw the need for tools to help the Amazon seller become proficient in listing techniques and advanced SEO tactics that has all changed.

What Is AMZ Tracker

One of those tools is AMZ Tracker. Is it the best thing since “Chopped Chicken Liver”? Probable not but it’s close. Having been doing listings and product SEO for too many years and constantly having to change tactics and techniques. I think I’m qualified to really appreciate the easy of doing research that before took constant hours of work and many long nights at the computer.

Here are some of the many tasks that AMZ Tracker does and makes them look so easy:

  • Amazon Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Easily Track Your Competitor’s Actual Sales Volume
  • Quickly Improve Keyword Rankings With Your Simple To Use Amazon SEO Tool
  • Easily Optimize Your Product Listings With The On Page Analyzer
  • Negative Review Notifications For Your Products
  • Membership In THe Amazon Review Club
  • And Much, Much More!

As you can see the great majority of these tasks that AMZ Tracker performs are not your standard tools that you find being offered elsewhere. These are all highly refined tools specific to Amazon and your products. These are the tools you need and the tasks that need to be done if your to be a successful Seller on the Amazon platform.

Do You Need AMZ Tracker

Do you really need AMZ Tracker to be a successful Amazon seller? Of course not, you could spend hours and hours of research obtaining close to the same results. I say close because some of the tasks can’t be done by yourself, the algorithms are to complicated unless your a math wizard.

I could explain all of these features to you but if you click here it will take you to a page where you can watch quality videos explaining all of these features. They do a much better job of explaining these important features, especially when you can see them in action.

If your selling on Amazon to earn a few extra bucks a month then AMZ Tracker is probably not for you.! This is a tool to take you to the next level in Amazon selling. It gives you the information you need to get your products to the top of the Amazon listing for your niche.


Depends on how much you use the tool. If you are just starting out and only have 1 product or so then AMZ Tracker might seam expensive but anyone who is serious and has multiple products listed or planned on Amazon will consider it the best bargain around. The starter package is not worth the time because you will out grow the keywords allowed on one product. The basic package is an outstanding bargain given the number of keywords allowed and access to the Amazon review club make it a no-brainier.

For those with multiple products and sites the professional can’t be beat. Do you due diligence, decide which package is right for you.

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