Keyword Canine Review

When I first started teaching “Sell your own product on Amazon for income and lifestyle” I recommended “merchant words” as the search engine of choice. Well that was a few years back and it worked well back then.

Fast forward to today and sadly that search engine doesn’t give you what you now need to be competitive in your chosen niche.

Today you need a search engine that will allow you to dominate your niche not only on Amazon but also every where you need to be a dominant force in your product niche and also your sub-niche.

Keywords are what the internet is built on. Have the right keywords and you win, not having them and your product will just sit there collecting “long term storage fees ” for Amazon.

Keywords are used for;

  • Your Product Listing
  • Your Product Description
  • Your product bullet Points
  • Your Amazon Promotions
  • Your SEO Promotions
  • Your Social Media Promotions
  • And Much, Much More

How much more, literally anything you do to promote your product uses keywords and the more your keywords are niche specific the more you win.

That’s the reason I now recommend and only use Keyword Canine for all my SEO needs.

Here is a link to watch , do your due diligence and you decide if Keyword Canine is not the tool for your success?

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