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Import Dojo

When I first started to teach Private label selling a number of years ago there was almost no information on the subject on the internet. Today  there is a prolifery    of information, some good and some bad.

As I do the Thursday night Hangout there is one subject that by far gets the most viewers. That subject is “Getting your private Label Product from China to Amazon FBA”.  When I do a Hangout on that subject the number of views usually triples.

Thanks to this popularity the number of choices that are available to Private Label Sellers  to get their good from the manufacturers country to an Amazon FBA wherehouse is unlimited. Every day the number increases of those companies qualified and able to get your product through customs, labeled right and at the appropriate Amazon warehouse.

Up until now there has never been a company that specialized in the importing, customs and FBA delivery field except for Samuel Shapiro and Universal both of which Amazon recommends. Both of these companies lack in social grace and the ability to talk to there customers if they answer at all.

A short while ago such a company was founded by a gentleman by the name of Manuel. You can read about him here. The company is called Import DOJO and is fast becoming the go to site for information and directions for getting your product from your manufacturer, no matter where they are located to Amazon FBA.

Import DOJO also has a sourcing service like no other. No matter how many products you want to add to your product line they will find you the best supplier, willing to do business with you at a great competitive rate of course.

I will be the first to admit that these people know more about this subject than I do. I bring a few products a year they bring hundreds each day. They know the locals be it China , India or Viet Nam. If you have specialized shipping problems or just want someone to hold your hand and get your products through customs and delivered to Amazon FBA then I recommend Import DOJO to you.



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  1. Hi Terry

    I just watched your video on ” Source Your Products In China, Deliver To Amazon FBA “.
    I am based in the UK and I am seeking to start selling on

    The video you provided was very useful!!!

    I wanted to ask you as you mentioned ” Import DOJO “, as a great way to get your products safely from suppliers in China into

    My question is do you yourself use Import DOJO to get your products from supplier to Amazon?

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