Feedback Genius Review

Attract More Buyers

If you sell on Amazon let me ask you a question. How much is a review worth to you and your product? If you said priceless your close. Review are what make your product stand up and get noticed.

Take two identical product, one has 50 reviews and the other has 100 review. When a customer types the product keyword into the search bar, which do you think Amazon is going show in the search results? If you said the one with the 100 reviews you are absolutely correct.

Amazon wants to be the number one retailer of goods in the World. Because of that, when a customer types a keyword into the search bar Amazon wants to be sure they show them the best item for that keyword and that is determined by the product with the highest number of reviews. Not the cheapest, the one with the most reviews.

So here you sit with a new product listed on Amazon, no reviews and no customers because Amazon is not showing you product. You need reviews, you have asked all your friends and relatives to give you a review, so now what do you do? You talk to your customers!

Amazon allows you as a seller to send to your customer four Emails per sale through Amazons email system. That my friend is a lot of work, a tremendous amount of work but not if you use the Feed Back Genius system.

Using there system it captures the email addresses of all your sales periodically during the day and then at a time specified by you, the Feed Back Genius system sends them all an email thanking them for there purchase and assuring them that they have the best product since sliced bread on the way to there house. I also include a link to leave a review for the product. I usually send this about 3 AM of the day following the sale.

That is the first email I send. The second email I usually check that they received the product, give them the email address of Amazon customer service if they didn’t. I also reveal some information about the product that they haven’t been told before and ask them now that they have had a chance to use the product now would be a good time to leave a review while they are thinking about the product. Again including a link to leave a review.

The last one or two emails depending on how many you send them through Amazons system are similar to number two. Once again reveling some never been told advantage of your product and asking for the review.

You could do all that yourself if you really like doing this type of work or you could have Feed Back genius to do it for you for a very reasonable monthly fee. They even have a free 30 day trial to see if there service  gets you the results your looking for.  That is my Feed Back Genius review, as you can see I highly recommend them.


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