Hangouts For 2017

What can I say? Last year we decided to take a family vacation to the Great Smoky mountains.  Gatlinburg Tenn to be exact. We actually stayed on top of the mountains. The cabin we stayed in burnt down when they had the fire in Gatlinburg but none the less we had a great time and got in a lot of family time and some neat bonding time.

My family is growing up and we are getting separated. Family all over the place – That part is sad, really sad. I like being around my family!

Anyway when we got back from Gatlinburg I just didn’t want to go back to work again, doing these broadcast, so I didn’t.  My wife kept saying “Aren’t you going to do a broadcast this week” I just kept saying no, not this week, maybe next.

Well next has finally arrived, so starting this week we will have a broadcast but I’m changing the schedule a bit. No more Thursday at 8 PM. A little more random. Probably at least once or twice a week, depending on how much new news there is too talk about.when I get ready, I’ll just do them.

Don’t worry, you will be sent a notice as soon as I do one and you will then be able to watch it at Your leisure. That should work out great for the both of us. A win, win situation?

This is where you can always catch up on any hangout you missed, There all here, all the way from beginning to the present. Just click on over to:

Weekly Hangouts For 2017

6/27/2017              I’m back

7/4/2017                 Price Yak or Oberlo for shopify

7/13/2017              Moving day

7/18/17                   Shopify Listing on Ebay

8/5/2017                Amazon Is Simplifying The Returns Process

8/5/2017                Amazon Shipping Changes

8/11/2017             Time To Get Ready Q4 Is Coming

8/13/2017            What Is Dropshipping And How Do I Start

8/15/2017             Is It SAfe To Dropship Products From China

8/19/2017             Oberlo free Dropshipping  App Review

8/26/2017              Critical Mistakes Private Labelers Make

9/01/2017             Toy Sellers -Amazon Christmas restrictions Due Out Soon

Hurricane Irma

9/22/2017              Can I Dropship From My Home COuntry

9/23/2017              Private Label Sellers – Trade War With China