Follow The Private Label Trail!

Private label selling is when a manufacturer agrees with a seller to have the seller sell the manufacturer’s product under the sellers name or product name. As long as there is no Patent on the product, You can legally sell using this method and even be able to work with the manufacturer to make the product better and create modifications that would make the product better and more appealing to consumers.

A great number of private label sellers today use to become acquainted with

Private Label Lifestyle

prospective manufacturers to get product samples, purchase inventory and much , much more.Then to avoid having to store and ship the product to the customer themselves they will send the product straight to Amazon Fba who will handle the shipping and storage problem for the seller,

I remember the first time I ordered product, 2000 sets of bamboo cutting boards and had them shipped to my house. When those 10 Pallets arrived and filled my garage, My wife was not a happy camper to say the least. I quickly learned to send the product to Amazon Fba and let them store and ship to the customer. Makes for a happy home, believe me!

Amazon definitely makes private Label Selling easier by shipping your product  to your customer for you. Logistics is a big and very important part of private label selling and one that can get out of hand quickly if not taken care of quickly and professionally. The best decision I’ve ever made was to send my product to Amazon FBA and allow them to handle the shipping and storage for me.

If you decide that you want to private label sell then I would start by taking small steps, baby steps. Those small steps will eventually lead to bigger and bigger ones. A step like needing to source a new product to sell on Amazon FBA, You need to respect the process and have a clear vision of where your company is going and how your going to get there. Follow the steps on this blog and others, respect them and don’t deviate, life is too short!