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With the every increasing popularity of selling physical goods on Amazon there are tools and apps being made and marketed on the internet that are intended to make your product research easier if not eliminate it altogether.

A few years ago such products were not needed as you simply went to Amazon looked in the top 100 of each category, picked out a product you wanted to sell and checked to make sure the rank and the number of reviews were beatable and you were off to list a new product. Well not anymore with the popularity of selling on Amazon constantly attracting more and more energetic sellers the competition is getting very competitive.

That is not the worst part. Time! Time is crucial. Take your time and chances are you will be left in the starting gate only to see the competition gain in popularity and those all so important review. Then it’s a whole new ball game as far as jumping over the product your looking at and winning the review game.

But, thankfully there is solutions in the form of tools to increase your productivity. After all a tool just to be a tool isn’t of much good except for it’s status as a shine new tool. If that new tool is just a shinny new 90 day wonder then it’s not worth buying even if all the hype says you need it. That’s where we come in!

We Do Reviews

We do reviews and use these new tools that claim to help the Amazon seller be more productive. We take a look at all the tools we know about, test that tool for usefulness and adaptability. Will it make your life as an Amazon seller more productive? Or is it a tool that you can live without? If we can’t make a decision on the product we will give the product to some of our “Sell Your Own Product On Amazon For Income And Lifestyle” course members and let them weight in on the decision.

This website is all about selling products on Amazon, especially Private Label Products. If the product we review doesn’t help you out even though it means giving up an affiliate commission, so be it. We are here to help you succeed and enjoy the Private Label Lifestyle.

Here is a list of the products that we have reviewed and use on a daily bases for our business. Click the link to be taken to the review page and see what we have to say:

You are allowed to send four emails to people who buy your products through the Amazon system. Feed Back Genius is the service that we use to automatically send those emails

Feed Back Genius Review

If you are going to promote your products through Amazons system and other systems you are going to need to do key word and SEO research. Hand down Keyword Canine is the research tool to use.  Just a couple of years ago you could use any keyword tool but not today!

Tax Jar

Here’s a link for a white paper entitled sales tax for online sellers Introduction to Sales Tax For Online Sellers

Keyword Canine 

Doing product research for Private Label and wholesale selling used to take days and sometimes weeks to find those perfect products to sell. Not anymore! These are the tools we use every day for product research:

Jungle Scout

Sellics Amazon Private Label Tool

AMZ Tracker Review

When your given a list of products from a wholesaler it can take hours to comb through the list looking for those items you can sell at a profit on Amazon. This tool will cut your time down to minutes. A must have if time is important.

Price Checker 2.0

Sourcing your product from China, Vietnam or other Eastern Countries can be intimidating and confusing. Imagine having your product sourced by Chinese speaking sorcerers, who can speak to the boss and not the interpreter.  You can also arrange with them to have your product shipped directly to the Amazon warehouse specified by Amazon. You’ll be surprised by the outcome

Import DOJO Sourcing Service

Getting your product from China to Amazon FBA can be confusing to say the least. For a hassle free experience we recommend:

Import DOJO Review

One of the oldest and best way to Promote your products is to write articles driving the reader back to your product. Here are the article writing services I personally use:

I Need Articles 

I Writer

Here is a list of site you can submit those articles too. Each of these site has different requirements for submitting. The higher the sites ranking the more link juice you get from Google.

Article Submission Sites

Reviews, reviews – That the name of the game weather on Amazon, EBay, Etzy or any of the other retail sites you can sell on. This site will create a profile you can use on these site to showcase all your review giving you greater social proof and sales.


Creating an online presence for yourself or your products is one of the exciting ways to promote your products and especially your brands. This is my mentor when it come to Hangouts on Air and getting noticed:

Hangout Marketing U Hangout Mentor

If you are going to promote your products on air you will need great broadcasting equipment. Listed are the microphone and Camera I use.

Microphone – Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

Camera – Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p Widescreen Video Calling and Recording

When the time comes for you to build or have built for you a website  that will draw people. Having a web Site with the proper SEO and the right App’s is crucial to being found on the web. These people have built three sites for me so far.

Niche Jet Authority Sites

Building Your Ecommerce store is not for the faint hearted, but when you decide the time has come don’t waste your time use Shopify. You won’t regret it!


I personally use GoDaddy for all my Domain Names and Web Hosting. I also use GoDaddy for my bookeeping. They tie right to my Amazon account and my Bank Account.


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