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We are proud to Announce that we have partnered and become affiliated with

To provide you with the best and most comprehensive Sourcing Service available to Amazon Sellers today.

Import DOJO Has:

Import Dojo

  • An impressive ten+ year record of sourcing for companies like Amazon and Walmart to name just a few
  • They have a track record of picking winners
  • They know how to get your product from China to Amazon FBA
  • They are located in China
  • They speak Chinese
  • They understand the Chinese culture
  • They will speak to the boss not the sales person who is nothing more than an interpreter
  • They know which forwarding company to use and how to get your product to Amazon FBA fast
  • Don’t have time to handle all the shipping details, Import DOJO will get the product to Amazon FBA for you
  • And much, much more